HDi Plastics - A Plastic Recylcing Company In Taylor, Texas
HDi Plastics - A Plastic Recylcing Company In Austin, Texas

HDi Plastics Services

HDI Plastics, Inc. processes postconsumer and postindustrial thermoplastic waste materials into clean, reusable resin sold to manufacturers of plastic products. Our recycled resins are used in high percentages with virgin resin, reducing our customers' material cost and environmental impact.  We have the capability to sort, shred, wash, grind and pelletize plastic materials. Our services include:

Waste Audits:  Throwing a lot of plastic in the trash can?   We will provide a waste audit to determine what type of recycling program would be best for your company.

Toll-Processing:  We provide toll-pelletizing services to manufacturers of plastic products that want to reclaim and reuse their own waste.

We Provide Equipment:  If the volume of material that you generate warrants it, HDI Plastics can stage a trailer or install a baler at your facility so that you don't have to use your valuable floor space for plastic scrap.

Public Drop Off:

Our public drop off is now OPEN!  We will accept EPS (aka Styrofoam), LDPE and HDPE bags and #2 HDPE curbside bottles (milk jugs, detergent bottles, etc.)  

Location: 601 W. 2nd St. (Hwy 79), Taylor, TX  76574

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm


  • EPS must be clean and dry - no food residual
  • No loose fill packaging "peanuts".  Please take these to your closest packing and shipping store
  • Bags must be clean and dry - no paper receipts, "twist ties", or produce remnants.  We accept:
    • Grocery bags
    • Dry Cleaning Bags
  • Sorry, but we cannot accept:
    • Fertilizer bags
    • Pet food bags
    • Dirty Trash bags

HDi Plastics, Inc.

HDi Plastics - A Plastic Recylcing Company In Austin, Texas



This Month: While you're in town dropping off your recyclables:

Eat at:

Java Junction

201 W. 4th St.
Taylor, TX 76574